Matt Dean aka Kiptoe

:::  Like a lot of young creative boys, I grew up obsessed with superheroes.  I read comic books, drew in sketchbooks, created board games and my own movies using action figures.  Now an adult, I never seemed to grow out of my love for superheroes.  Today, I switched my pencil and paper for spray cans and walls, finding the mural medium the most gratifying.
After graduating with my BFA in Illustration, I studied abroad in Italy and worked on murals all over New England. After a year, I packed up and moved to Los Angeles, and paint under the moniker Kiptoe, where I continue to make my mark and explore new dimensions. I work for private clients, small and large businesses, the entertainment industry, and more.
I have painted all across the globe - Italy, Tanzania, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil.

When I'm not painting, I also enjoy video production, dancing, longboarding, and lots of peanut butter. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!  :::