"Kiptoe vs Robot"

A Street Art Action Short Film


After the government deploys a fleet of anti-graffiti robots to eradicate all public artwork in Los Angeles, Kiptoe must stand up and fight for his livelihood.

A huge collaboration passion project between Kiptoe and Chet Abbott.  We built the robot suit from scratch using cosplay techniques and devoted three months to the suit alone.  It was a blast to make, and the most challenging but rewarding project I’ve ever done. All stunt work and choreography was performed by Kiptoe himself and Tarik Woodbine as the Robot. 

Written & Directed by: Kiptoe & Chet Abbott

Starring: Kiptoe as himself / Tarik Woodbine as Robot

Cinematography: Chet Abbott

Edit / Sound Design / End Titles: Kiptoe